The toddler room has two large open plan rooms. This allows the children to access free flow throughout the rooms. Toddlers are able to access a range of stimulating activities including the slide and hide, homecorner, sand and water play, and the creative table. There is also a snug area providing toddlers the opportunity to have quiet time and sleeps.


As children become more mobile they are encouraged to explore in a safe, secure environment.


Role play and dressing up will encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings.


Children become more confident as they develop socially and learn to care for each other.


Toddlers will begin to make their own decisions by choosing from a wide range of stimulating activities to promote learning.


Children will enjoy listening to stories, rhymes and music and have fun exploring textures..


Each child's needs are catered for through the planning and observation process, following the Early years foundation stage.