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Parents Letter January 2020

    Parents Letter January 2020   Happy New Year and we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas.   Dates to remember! Wednesday 12th February – Pre-school Valentines Disco. Monday 24th February – Pre-school Parents Evening. Tuesday 25th Baby and Toddler Parents Evening. 17th February

Dates To Remember

28th November- Photos must be returned to nursery by this date if you need them back for Christmas 13th December– Christmas Jumper Day Week Beginning 16th December– Christmas Fun Week (The children will be participating in craft activities) 19th December– Santa is visiting nursery

Parents Letter September 2019

     18/09/19 Parents Letter September 2019 Dates to remember 7th October- Parents Evening 28th October-1st November- 15 hours Non-Funded Week 31st October- Nursery Photos 31st October- Halloween Stay and Play Safeguarding Please ensure you notify us of any changes to contact details. This inclu

Dates to remember

19th June– Tamsin Photography will be in the setting. If your child already attends on this day they will automatically photographed. If your child does not attend on this day and you would like them to be photographed you can bring them into nursery between 10-11am. 8th July– Preschoo

Parents Letter May 2019

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