The outdoor area is accessed throughout the day in all weathers.

The outdoor area is accessed by babies, toddlers and preschool throughout the day in small groups, exploring the environment in all weathers.  Children are able to access the large and small climbing equipment, we have playhouses encouraging children to use there imaginations and perform role play. Outdoor activites are planned to provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities to encourage children’s development to progress.  Children are encouraged to care for their environment and local community, growing seeds, plants and vegatables, taking part in the life-cycle of a caterpillar and visiting the local shop and  postbox.

Safe & Secure

</p> <p>At the rear of the Nursery is a large garden with a playground.</p> <p>The garden is fully enclosed and the gates are always kept locked when the children go out to play.</p> <p>We have different areas in the garden for specific types of play, such as construction, water and graphics for example.


We have our own Pet Corner that is home to Peter rabbit. Children are welcome to take him home to care for him on weekends and bank holidays, providing the parents agree of.

Most of all, fun!

We have a large wooden Pirate Ship !! Ahoy !</p> <p>And also a large wooden enclosed sand pit for all those landlubbers !.</p> <p>Outdoor play is encouraged for all age groups all year round.