Chatter Matters Week

Chatter Matters whatever the weather! Chat, play and read together, every chat you have with your child helps them in developing their social skills. Children’s vocabulary is built upon through interactions and the use of stories, rhymes and songs.
We have been very lucky to have had some snow just in time for chatter matters week and the children have been enjoying exploring the outdoors. We have been talking about the different textures and using different words to describe how it feels “cold, soft, crunchy, white” and even made our own Olaf the snowman. We also enjoyed taking some of the snow indoors to explore the cause and effect with how the snow melts as it gets warmer and as the day went on how the rain washed the snow away.
We have also enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles outdoors, indoor colour puddle jumping, making mud pies and singing some weather songs.