Parents Letter March 2019


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Telephone 024 76383060

Director Sam Delaney-Johnston

Ofsted registration EY433713



Parents Letter February/ March 2019



Please ensure that when entering and leaving the nursery that you securely close the front door behind you. Also ensure that the garden gates are closed securely behind you to avoid any children leaving the nursery to be able to get out without their parent/ carer.


Dates for the diary

5th March Pancake day– Children will be participating in choosing their own pancake toppings and tasting the pancakes.

7th March World Book Day Children are welcome to dress up as their favourite book character.

15th March Red Nose Day– children are welcome to come to nursery wearing something red.

26th March Mother’s day stay and play morning 9.30-10.30am- remember to book your place to come and join your child at the mother’s day morning (this can be mums, aunties, grandmas).

8th & 9th April Parents evenings– slips will be sent out nearer to the time.

15th April Easter egg hunt weather permitting.

15th-26th April non-funded weeks for 15 hours.



From 1st April 2019 fees will be increased due to the rise in the minimum wage. All parents will be provided with a copy of the fees sheet. Please ensure that fees are paid in advance.



Those with a temperature and other specific signs and symptoms should be kept off until they are better. In the case of diarrhea and/or vomiting children are not permitted to return until 48 hours after the last episode of illness.

Please be vigilant if your child appears to be showing any symptoms that may be linked to chicken pox, measles, or hand, foot and mouth as this can be dangerous to pregnant women. Not only is it important that we protect the children we also have a duty of care to protect our staff.


Parent questionnaires

Thank you to all who took the time to complete the parent questionnaires recently. We appreciate the responses and take one board the feedback that we receive. With regards to parents evenings, if you have any suggestions for how parents evenings could be made more beneficial we are open to your suggestions. The reasoning for us making parents evenings more regular and on appointment basis was to ensure that all parents were given the same opportunity to speak to their child’s keyworker to inform you of your child’s progress and next steps for progression with their development.

We made the decision to stop with daily sheets as this was taking staff away from interacting with the children as they were spending time completing information on the daily sheets. However, a member of staff is always on hand on collection to feedback how your child has been throughout their session, including food, drink, toileting, sleeps, areas of interest. Also we were finding that with daily sheets they would often be left on the floor or found in the playground or on the car park so were not of much use anyway.

Some parents highlighted that they do not feel they are involved within their child’s nursery life, this can be accessed in numerous ways including tapestry, you are welcome to upload information about your child at home and also view what has been added for your child at nursery, the website will send you a notification when updates are added via email, as highlighted above are a number of dates for the diary and there will be events throughout the year. If you cannot make these dates but would like to come in to participate as a volunteer helping out in a story time or creative activity you are more than welcome however, would be required to undertake a DBS check prior to this.



Tapestry is used to upload observations of your child, staff are required to upload an observation each week to show what your child is enjoying during their time at nursery, they will then upload a detailed learning journey for your child including next steps for progress with their development once a month. Staff have up to 15 children within their keyworker groups so we are sure that you can appreciate it is not possible to upload an observation for each child throughout every session they attend. Tapestry was introduced to replace the paperwork to further ensure that staff were spending more time interacting with the children as opposed to having time out of the room to complete paperwork.

If you have not yet activated Tapestry you can do so via the email link you have been sent, this may be in your junk mail. If you have any queries or problems with tapestry please see the office.



From 4th March we would like to welcome a new member of staff, her name is Isabel. Isabel is qualified level 3 nursery nurse and will be predominately based within the preschool room. She has past experience working with both children and young adults and looks forward to becoming part of the Jack in the box team 🙂


Becky has made the decision not to return to work and continue to enjoy her time at home with baby Perry. Becky has been a valued member of the Jack in the box team for 11 years and we will be sad to see her go, we wish her and her family all the best for the future 🙂


We would like to share that Clare is expecting her second child, her baby will be due in August 2019 🙂


Chloe has made the decision to stay with us at Jack in the box, she did trial a new setting for a couple of days however, missed us all too much so we have welcomed her back with open arms 🙂


Jinny will continue to cook alongside Caroline, they will be working alternate days.


Jamie is our nursery cleaner, cleaning will be carried out during the evenings and weekends. However, on the occasion that the cleaner is not in staff will carry out cleaning duties during quiet periods.


Enjoying and achieving

Babies- have enjoyed exploring using their senses moving their bodies to make marks during body painting.


Toddlers- have enjoyed thinking critically trying out different strategies to place together the stacking toys and the wooden jigsaws.


Preschool- have enjoyed exploring the outdoor environment within the nursery garden, going on a scavenger hunt to look for insects, wildlife and other objects. They particularly enjoyed talking about how the environment changes throughout the different seasons.


We would like to thank you all for your continued support.


Many thanks

Sam and Clare