Children’s Mental Health Week

This week is children’s mental health week, the theme is ‘express yourself’.

The children will be taking part in lots of different activities at nursery including music and movement, looking at and listening to stories, making their own marks, exploring the outdoor environment, caring for the nursery pets and exploring different textures using their senses.
We will be encouraging the children to explore the different ways that they can express themselves by sharing feelings and emotions and talking about our thoughts and ideas.
This can be encouraged at home in various ways too:
Encourage children to choose their own outfit, or dress in their favourite fancy dress.
Going for a walk in the local community.
Making a puppet show.
Sharing feelings, thoughts and ideas.

Further information and ideas can also be accessed via

It would be lovely to see some photos of the children expressing themselves, please share them with us via your child’s tapestry account or via the nursery mobile 🙂

Take Care
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