Covid-19 Update


Covid-19 Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

Following on from the announcement made by the Prime Minister on 21st February, we have reviewed our Covid-19 operational plan and risk assessments whereby some of our policies no longer reflect the current guidelines. Therefore, we would like to take the opportunity to summarise the latest guidance for our setting:

As a setting we continue to request that you do not send your child to nursery should they display symptoms of Covid-19. Although there is no legal requirement for children to self-isolate if they have symptoms of Covid-19 or if they have tested positive to Covid-19, we would still encourage children to:

  • Obtain a PCR test if they are experiencing one or more of the main symptoms of Covid and isolate pending the result.
  • Should the result be positive we request that children isolate for 5 days, only returning to nursery after two consecutive lateral flow tests and no sooner than day 6 of isolation.
  • If children continue to test positive they may return to the setting after 10 days of isolation, returning on day 11.

As a setting we remain committed to protecting all members of our setting including children, staff and parents and continue to remain cautious whilst learning to live with Covid.

We will continue to follow guidance of minimal mixing between rooms, staff and groups where possible to reduce the risk of spreading infection. Children will continue to be encouraged to follow good hygiene routines, washing hands regularly with hand washing stations still in place at the entrance of nursery for parents to continue to wash children’s hands prior to them entering the setting. We will also continue to carry out handovers at the door with parents/carers not entering the building, as we have found that children settle better and there has been less illness in general. We have also found that parent consultations via telephone have worked well with more parents able to make appointments, and so will continue to do parents consultations this way. However, should you want to come and have a look around the setting and speak with your child’s key person you are welcome to make an appointment to do so. In addition to this, we continue to request that children do not attend should they be unwell or unable to participate in all activities both indoors and outdoors.

We will look forward to gradually reintroducing stay and play sessions later in the year.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for your continued support.

Sam and Clare.