Jack and the beanstalk

Preschool have been enjoying the story Jack and the beanstalk. They have been learning about right and wrong- some children said that Jack “did a bad thing by taking things from the giant and Jack didn’t tell his Mummy!”
Children have been retelling the story both indoors and outdoors which led to us making a beanstalk in the garden using crates and moving in a variety of ways “stomping like a giant, climbing the beanstalk like Jack” they were also lucky to go for a walk in the local community to visit the cows.
Additionally, we have been reciting numbers by counting magic beans, using prepositions in, on and under, repeating familiar phrases from the story and making beanstalks from playdough. Also planting some beans, using one handed tools to scoop soil into a pot and watering them showing care for the environment and how things grow.