Newsletter October 2017

Parents Letter October 2017


Our settings designated safeguard leads are Sam, Clare, Kim and Becky. Kim has recently received prevent training.

When entering and leaving the building please ensure that the front door and the gates are closed properly behind you. Please do not let other people into the building each parent/carer needs to buzz to be let in. children that are known to you to attend the nursery are fine to enter with you, just say there name also when you buzz. We are asking all parents to be vigilant and not let people in that they do not know.

Please ensure when bringing your child to nursery that you inform staff of any incidents or injuries that have occurred during time at home. We ask that parents are not offended by this, it is part of our policies and procedures. This is so that staff can ensure an accident at home form is filled in correctly also so that staff are aware if they need to monitor a child.

If your child requires regular medication such as an inhaler, eczema cream, allergy medication please inform your child’s keyworker as they will need to contact your child’s health visitor to receive a health care plan.

Children should not attend nursery if they are ill. Please ensure that if your child is ill and not attending that you inform us by telephone, text or email. If children have sickness and diarrhoea, they should refrain from attending nursery for 48hours from their last bout of illness.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, please ensure that your child is provided with a warm coat, wellingtons, hats, scarves and gloves. Please label your child’s belongings.


We require fees to be paid 2 weeks in advance. If you have any concerns about fees please come to the office to discuss this. December fees must be up to date in full by 15th December 2017.

30 hours

We are now offering the 30 hours funding to the children that are eligible. We offer this as 24 hours per week over 47.5 weeks of the year across 3x 8 hour days.

Parents receiving 30 hours for their child please remember to ensure that you reconfirm your child’s eligibility every 3 months, to do this you will need to log back into the same system and click reconfirm.

Staff News and jobs

Lucy will be returning to work during October half term, we look forward to having her back

Shannon has decided to be a stay at home mum, both Shannon and Olivia are doing well

Jade is now in the maintenance stage of her treatment and is doing really well, hoping to return to work after Christmas

Welcome to all of our new starters: Harvey, Chloe, Ivy, Madeline, Reuben, Alexy, Sofia, Sara M, Sara C, Noah.

Enjoy and Achieve

Babies have enjoyed exploring the outdoor area and participating in water play.

Toddlers are enjoying the new see saw which was purchased through the active kids voucher scheme, they have also enjoyed making sensory playdough and the autumn sensory tray.

Preschool have enjoyed using the magnets and building with recycled construction.


Lunch will be provided at a charge of £2.20 per day, or you are welcome to provide a packed lunch for your child.

Fruit will be offered to children at 2pm snack time and children will be offered milk and fruit at 4pm. Children booked in until 5pm onwards are welcome to bring a packed healthy snack from home (sandwich and a piece of fruit).

Please can we advise that parents do not put nuts into their child’s lunch/ tea boxes as we have children with nut allergies. Please ensure that if your child brings grapes that they are cut up.

Partnership with parents

We would like to further promote and encourage our partnership with parents by providing a parent play session once every month for parents to stay and play with their child from 930-10am. This session will give you the opportunity to gain insight to your child’s day at nursery and the activities provided for them to participate in. The day of the session will alter each month to allow all parents an opportunity to participate.

Please ensure that you check your child’s pigeon hole for letters, receipts, photos etc.

Please use the book library available and complete your child’s sharing book with any outings or news you would like to share.

Nursery Photos

Tamsin photography will be attending the nursery Wednesday 8th November. If your child does not already attend on this day you are welcome to bring them along between 10-11am on this day.

Nursery website

The nursery website has been updated, please take a look we will regularly update the gallery allowing you to gain a snapshot of the nursery. You are now also able to sign up to get regular updates when new events and information are available in our blog. Please subscribe to allow you to receive email notifications for any updates. If you would like to share your views about the nursery on the website please email us your views or bring them to the office we will happily upload them to our website. Our nursery website address is


We will be providing a Halloween parent play session for babies and toddlers week beginning Monday 30th October the parent play session will be available each morning for children attending on these days. If your child attends for an afternoon session and you would like to attend parent play please see the office and we can stretch this to an afternoon to suit you.

Preschool will have a bonfire disco party Friday 3rd November 4-5.30pm. Children will participate in party games and a disco, they will be provided with tea of hot dogs and jacket potatoes. This will be at a charge of £4.80 per child.

Parents evening

We will be holding a parents evening Tuesday 14th November 5.15-6.15pm. This allows you opportunity to come and view the nursery and see the activities provided for your child. You will also have the opportunity to view your child’s development records and chat to their keyworker.


Sam and Clare