Parents Letter November 2020


Parents Letter November 2020


Please ensure that you notify us of any changes to contact details. This includes contact details and address. Also if there are any changes to emergency contacts and people who are authorised to collect your child please inform the office.

Ensure that you label your child’s belongings clearly and provide them with appropriate clothing such as coats, wellingtons, hats etc.

Please provide nappies, wipes and spare clothes in your child’s bag and we would appreciate if you could avoid sending your child’s belongings in carrier bags.

Two-year developmental checks

Please ensure that you inform your child’s key person prior to any two-year checks with their health visitor, nursery staff will have information that you will need to give to the health visitor.


Please ensure that you inform nursery if your child is going to be absent. You can notify us via phone, text, whatsapp or email.

If your child has had sickness and/or diarrhea please ensure that they remain absent from the setting for 48 hours from their last bout of illness to ensure that this is not passed on to other children and staff. Fess are still payable during absence or sickness.

If your child is absent due to holiday or sickness you will still be charged for this session.

Please ensure that if your child is unwell you keep them at home until they are feeling better. Children should only attend nursery if they are well enough to participate in all activities both indoors and outdoors.


We are continuing to work with children with regard to hand washing regimes. Children are encouraged to cover up coughs and sneezes and wash their hands afterwards.

The nursery is cleaned daily and at the weekend, all resources that children access and surfaces that are touched regularly are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.

Next to the main door you will find our hand washing station, please ensure that you wash your child’s hands prior to them entering the building. It is recommended that parents/ carers wear a face covering when dropping off and collecting children, staff will also be wearing a face covering when coming to the door.

Please ensure that children remain at home if they are unwell. In addition to this, if yourself or your child are showing symptoms or have been in contact with someone that has tested positive, please ensure you self-isolate for the full 14 days. If you are having to self-isolate and do not have someone that is able to drop off/collect your child, unfortunately they will need to remain off from the setting. The incubation period for coronavirus is 14 days therefore, even if you were to test negative on day 5 of your self-isolation period you will still need to isolate for the full 14 days. This information can be viewed via the nursery website and can also be found on the government website.


Please activate your tapestry account and ensure that you are checking your child’s tapestry regularly so that you are aware of their learning and development and how you may support their next steps at home. It is lovely to see the activities and milestones that your children are participating in and achieving at home, please add these to your child’s tapestry to share with us at nursery.

30 hours funding

Please ensure to reconfirm your code every 3 months to ensure that you continue to receive funding for your child. It is recommended that you continue to do this until your child is attending school. There will be no 30 hours funding from 21/12/20-01/01/21. children will return to nursery 04/01/21.

15 hour funding

We have spaces available for two year funding. If your child is eligible for this please speak to the office to book sessions. If your child attends for 15 hours please note that there will be no funding from 21/12/20-01/01/21, children will return to nursery 04/01/21.


Please remember that nursery fees should be paid 2 weeks in advance. Can we remind you that December fees need to be paid by 04/12/20. Failure to make payment may result in your child being unable to attend the setting until payment is received.


For all children due to start school in September 2021, you should all now have received your admissions pack to enable you to apply for your child’s school place. This can be done online via the closing date for this is 15/01/21. If you have any questions or need any support completing this please speak to the office.


Christmas fun week will be 07/12/20-11/12/20. Children are welcome to wear something Christmassy throughout the week and will be participating in lots of lovely festive activities throughout the week. Santa will be visiting the children 09/12/20 and Christmas jumper day is 11/12/20. Children will be making Christmas cards, each child will make one card, should you wish for your child to make extra cards please notify us by 04/12/20, this will be at a charge of £1 per card.

Our postbox is now up and running for children to post their dummies/bottles to Santa for the baby reindeer, children that participate will be rewarded with a certificate, a note from Santa and a treat.

This year we will be selling reindeer food for children to sprinkle at home on Christmas eve for £1 and hot chocolate cones for £2. All proceeds will go towards purchasing the nursery pets. If you would like to purchase any of these please make payment by 04/12/20.

Christmas closure

Nursery will be closed from 25/12/20-01/01/21. Children will return to nursery 04/01/21. There will be no funding for 15hours or 30 hours week beginning 21/12/20. If you would like to book your child in for sessions during this week please speak to the office by 04/12/20 to arrange this. Please note that the nursery will be closing at 1pm on Christmas eve.

Nursery pet

Thank you to all that have donated towards the nursery pet to date. We are aiming to raise £100 to enable us to purchase two hamsters, two cages and equipment. This will allow for there to be a hamster in both toddler room and preschool.

So far we have a total of £28.50.

Children in need

All of the children and staff really enjoyed participating in Children in need fun week. The photos can be viewed via the nursery website. Thank you to those that donated, we raised a total of £42.50 towards children in need.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

Many thanks

Sam and Clare