Parents Letter May 2018

Parents Letter April/May 2018. Please read for updates and information.


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Parents Letter May 2018


Due to new GDPR legislation we will require you all to complete a new up to date enrolment form for your child. Please go to the office to complete this by 18th May 2018. In line with the new data protection laws staff will no longer be allowed to be friends with parents/ carers on social media such as Facebook (please do not be offended when you are removed). We are no longer able to give out lists of names for parties or Christmas cards either.

We also have a new privacy policy in line with the new legislation which will shortly be added to our nursery website. If you have any questions please speak to the office.

Please ensure that you notify us if your child is going to be absent, this may be due to illness, holiday etc. Also remember to notify us if you have a change of address or telephone number. If you child has sickness and/or diarrhoea please ensure that they refrain from attending nursery for 48 hours from their last bout of illness. If your child is off due to illness you will still be charged for this period. Certain illnesses can affect pregnant women and it is our duty of care to ensure that staff are not at risk.

Please ensure when bringing your child to nursery that you inform staff of any incidents or injuries that have occurred during time at home. We ask that parents are not offended by this, it is part of our policies and procedures. This is so that staff can ensure an accident at home form is filled in correctly also so that staff are aware if they need to monitor a child.

If your child requires regular medication such as an inhaler, eczema cream, allergy medication please inform your child’s keyworker as they will need to contact your child’s health visitor to receive a health care plan.

Please ensure that your child is provided with a sun hat and sun cream with their name clearly labelled. Please ensure you have applied sun cream prior to your child coming into nursery and staff will re-apply this in the afternoon.


Please ensure that all of your child’s belongings are clearly labelled. This includes all coats, bags, hats, baby wipes etc.


When bringing and collecting your child from nursery please ensure that you use the car park provided. The car park is situated off Earls Road through the black gates. We advise that you do not park on the pavement/ road outside the front of the nursery to avoid accidents occurring, also we would ask that you do not park in the driveway at the front of the setting as this obstructs pedestrians being able to access the building. We are aware that the car park is in need of some TLC and this has been passed on to the landlord.


We require fees to be paid 2 weeks in advance. If you have any concerns about fees please come to the office to discuss this.

Can we please ask when paying for dinners please pay these in full at the beginning of each week to the office rather than each day and given to the staff.

30 hours

Parents receiving 30 hours for their child please remember to ensure that you reconfirm your child’s eligibility every 3 months, to do this you will need to log back into the same system and click reconfirm.

Funding forms

All funding forms for 2,3, and 4 year funding need to be signed. Please ensure that you have signed your child’s funding form for the summer term by 1st May 2018.

Staff News and jobs

Becky will be going on maternity leave at the end of May her last day will be Friday 25th May, we look forward to meeting baby Wechter J and wish her and Karl all the best on the safe arrival of their baby.

Sarah has now left Jack in the box we wish her well for the future.

We would like to introduce our new cook Caroline. Caroline has brought her children here in the past and is familiar with the staff and the setting, it is nice to welcome her to Jack in the box J

Jade has now returned to work she will be having a small keyworker group within the toddler room, it is lovely to have Jade back with us J

Charlotte has now left to work within a nursery closer to home, we wish her well for the future J

We would also like to welcome a new member of cover staff to our team Rebecca. Rebecca will be starting with us on 8th May. She is level 2 qualified and is working towards her level 3.

Welcome to all of our new starters: Reva, Saanvi L, Saanvi.S, Elliot, Carter, Tianna.

Enjoy and Achieve

Babies have enjoyed exploring using their senses in the jelly play.

Toddlers have enjoyed looking at our new books and sharing them at story times.

Preschool have enjoyed planting seeds and watching how they begin to grow.

National Nursery Training (NNT)

All staff are trained to comply with new GDPR legislation coming into place 25th May. Staff regularly update their knowledge completing courses online at NNT. National nursery training also publish articles that may be of interest to parents if you are interested you can find them on Facebook ‘National Nursery Training’.


Please can we advise that parents do not put nuts into their child’s lunch/ tea boxes as we have children with nut allergies. Please ensure that if your child brings grapes that they are cut up (sliced vertically). Children’s lunches should contain cold finger foods, we are unable to heat up food provided from home. Ideas for healthy lunches include: sandwiches, wraps, crackers, a piece of fruit and/or a yoghurt. Children will be offered the healthy food option before other food items.

Information on Nutrition in early years is readily available for you to access at

Partnership with parents

We appreciate the support we receive from all parents. If you have not yet told us which school your child will be attending in September please pass this information on to your child’s keyworker to allow us to ensure all relevant information is passed on prior to them starting.

We are eager to help to support children in becoming school ready and you can also encourage this at home with your child.

When your child is at school they will be expected to be independent. This will include putting on their own coat and fastening it, putting on their own shoes, getting themselves dressed and fastening buttons, being toilet trained, wiping their own bottom after using the toilet, use a knife and fork sufficiently (many parents still give their child a spoon to eat their meals at home, at nursery we encourage them to use a knife and fork).

Maths, communication and literacy are very important for children and their development. Your child will be assessed within these areas prior to going to school for the on entry assessment and again when they go to school. We encourage children with their phonics sounds at nursery using the jolly phonics, you can encourage this by teaching your child the letter sounds for example ‘a’ is for apple, ‘b’is for ball. Here is a link that may help you in guiding your child with the phonics sounds (if you have any queries you can speak with your child’s key worker). We encourage children to write their own names forming letters. We would like to encourage parents to ensure they take their children to speech and language appointments should this be required.

Parents evening  

Parents evening will be held on Wednesday 2nd May 5.30-6.30pm. Please come along and speak with your child’s keyworker. This gives you the opportunity to see how your child is developing and to see the activities they are enjoying whilst they are at nursery. You can also take the opportunity to view the other rooms around the setting. If you will be attending please inform you child’s keyworker.


Tamsin Simpson photography will be in the setting on Thursday 31st May. If your child already attends nursery on this day they will automatically have their photograph taken. If your child does not attend on this day you are welcome to bring them along for their photo between 10-11am.



Sam and Clare