Welcome Back

Please take the time to read our newsletter with information regarding returning to the setting September 2020.



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25th August 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

We are very happy to welcome you and your child back to the nursery, also, we are looking forward to seeing all of our new starters 🙂

Funded children will return to nursery week beginning 7th September, all those children who attended in the spring term (pre-covid-19) will return on those previous hours and days, unless you have already clarified any changes to days and hours with us. Please let us know as soon as possible if you require any changes or if you are unsure of the hours that were previously arranged.

Funded children: we will need parents to forward confirmation emails for 2 year funded places, we will also need a copy of your child’s birth certificate (you can send a picture of this via whatsapp). Funding forms for your child have already been filled out and you will be required to sign these during the first week, please check that all details are correct. If your child is new to the setting or has been absent since the end of march, it may be a good idea to ease your child in gently, your child can do shorter visits for the first couple of weeks if needed, please contact us to discuss this if you feel that you or your child would need to do this. Can I remind you to please send us a face picture of your child so that we can make coat peg and water bottle labels in preparation to welcome your child.

Dropping off and collecting children: Parents are asked to press the buzzer to announce their child, children should then wash their hands at the outdoor handwashing station and wait for a member staff from your child’s bubble to greet and collect them from the door.

Can we please ask that only one parent drops off or collects children from the nursery, we are still requesting that parents do not enter the nursery building, we appreciate that this may be difficult for new starters, if staff feel that it is necessary for parents to enter the building in order to settle their child they will invite you in, if you are invited in we ask that you wear a face covering and you sanitise your hands. Where possible try not to touch or handle any equipment and do not approach other children, please keep a safe distance form staff, children and other parents.

Illness/temperature checks: Children should only come to nursery when they are fit and well, please keep your child home if they are displaying any signs of illness. Children who have symptom of sickness and/or diarrhoea should remain absent for 48 hours from their last episode of illness. Please be advised that temperature checks will be conducted on all children/staff within 30 minutes of entering the building, and they will be checked throughout the day. Children displaying high temperatures of 38 degrees will need to be collected as soon as possible.

Bags/packed lunches/items your child should bring: Children are asked to leave their bags within the setting (Clearly labelled with your child’s name on). Bags should contain spare clothes/ outdoor footwear, nappies, baby wipes and comforters etc. Parents can hand anything that needs replenishing, as and when needed (e.g. spare clothes, nappies, wipes etc.). please ensure that children bring coats and hats to use the outdoor area/ sun hats and sun cream (dependent upon the weather).

Lunch boxes, all children in attendance over lunch time are required to bring lunch in a plastic box (Labelled) this is so that we can sanitise them. Children are encouraged to bring, sandwich/wraps or crackers, yoghurt (own spoon), fruit (pre-cut) crisps (children will be encouraged to eat healthy snacks first). Children are not required to bring drinks, as they have access to their own labelled water bottles throughout the day. Lunch will be given to children at midday.

Snacks/Drinks: Children will be offered milk and fruit during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon, this is free of additional cost (this may change when nursery fees are revised)

Bubble groups/ Staffing: Your child will be within a bubble group suitable to their age, for example, babies and toddlers will be in a bubble group, preschool children will be a bubble group, staff will remain consistent with children in those bubble groups. We will continue to follow Ofsted staff to child ratio guidelines:

Under 1 year olds – 3 children – 1 staff member

2 year olds – 4 children -1 staff member

3/4 year olds – 8 children – 1 staff member

Staffing for babies and toddlers:

Kirsty (Deputy), Lauren (ECAT), Izzy, & Rachel

Preschool Staff

Lucy, Chloe (ECAT), Jade (SENDCO)

Nicola is furloughed still and will then start her maternity leave, she intends to return July 2021.

Clare (assistant manager) is returning from maternity leave the beginning of September, we look forward to welcoming her back.

Victoria (nursery apprentice) is still on furlough and will return when needed.

Accidents/Medication: please let us know via whatsapp if your child has any bump’s/ bruises at home so that we can fill in an ‘accident at home form’ you message will be printed and added to this form to save you from filling out the form and signing it. If your child has an accident at the nursery we will message to notify you, please respond your message will be printed and attached to the accident form, again this will save you from signing the form and having to have prolonged contact with the nursery staff. Medication forms can be conducted in the same manner.

Opening hours: Since march we have only been operating from 08:00 – 16:30, we are looking to extending this back to our previous closing time of 17:45 (please note that we only have 3 children on some days that require until this time) if your child is going to be on their own (no nursery friends) we will let you know, as some parents have requested us to do this therefore, we will continue do this.

Tapestry: please add photographs to tapestry, this will help your child’s keyworker get to know your child, your child’s keyworker will regularly add observations to this for you to see the learning the and developmental progress that your child is making.

We are very conscientious with cleaning and all nursery areas and equipment are cleaned regularly throughout each session.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or if you wish to discuss any points in more detail. Please let us know if you have any concerns with your child’s development so that we may contact any relevant agencies to support us in progressing your child’s learning and development.

We are all looking forward to seeing you soon.


From all the staff at Jack in the box day nursery 🙂